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We are a small estate in the high ranges of Kerala at an altitude of about three thousand feet above the Mean Sea Level (MSL). Our estate is completely covered by natural rainforest trees. There are scores of tropical forest trees on the plantation. We have teak, rosewood, Jack trees, acacia, silver oak, and a multitude of other forest trees providing a canopy for the coffee.
About ten years ago we decided to make communion with nature. And this decision led to our development of this plantation. With a mean temperature of about 20°C almost around the year, it is a great place to live.

NEDUMANA COFFEE ESTATE is located in Kerala’s high ranges in the western ghats of the Indian subcontinent. The entire estate is planted with hybrid coffee C*R variety under thick foliage. The hundred percent shade-grown coffee gives the connoisseur a distinct experience. The shade-grown coffee apart from being environmentally friendly is also of superior quality.

Perfect Roasted Beans offers -

Helpful Reminders To Keep You on Track

  • Reduced risk of heart disease.

  • Reduced risk of some cancers.

  • Lower liver illnesses.

  • Lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

  • Possible weight loss.

  • Improved mood.


Our Coffee: Single-Origin Coffee- for that unique taste


Single Origin (SO) signifies produce from a specific geographical location with distinct characteristics. S. O. is the designation for espressos based on green coffees from distinguished single growing regions.

alt=roasted coffee beans

Roasting-the magic of bringing the beans to life

Every coffee from every estate and region is different. Our skilled roaster, Stephen knows how to draw the best out of the bean. His commitment to ensuring that the best in coffee comes out of roasting enables us to deliver the coffee that you cherish every time you order.

We Roast and Ship Every Week

Our coffee gets to you so fresh, that we specify the "drink after" date so that you don't drink it
before it's ready.

Pesticide Free

​We do not use any pesticide in our estate.
All our farm produce is pesticide free and
hygienically handled. We also protect the environment by sustaining the tropical vegetation in our estate.

King of spices himself -Black pepper 

Ever wondered why black pepper is called the ‘King of Spice’? Well, this is because this spice has loads of benefits for your body. Here are some of the facts about this amazing spice.

Prevents Any Sort of Cancer

Dark pepper is said to forestall disease when it is blended in with turmeric. This can be drunk as milk by blending turmeric and dark pepper. This drink is typically given to people experiencing extreme viruses. It is said to comprise cell reinforcements, vitamin An and carotenoids that assist in restoring malignant growth and other lethal sicknesses. Likewise, this should be added to the vast majority of your everyday eating regimen as it is the most effective way you can remain fit normally.


Treats Depression

Misery is supposed to be quite possibly the most widely recognized issue looked at by a great many people overall and this might lead an individual ridiculously. Notwithstanding, some medications can check this psychological issue from being decimated, nonetheless, crude dark pepper can be given to discouraged individuals to bite and this will change the state of mind of the individual.


Effective Against Cholesterol

More elevated cholesterol levels are an admonition sign of a potential respiratory failure. Standard utilization of dark pepper has shown viable outcomes in lessening cholesterol levels because of the presence of the compound piperine. Further, piperine can likewise improve the retention limit of dietary enhancements. For instance, dark pepper can expand up to 2,000% of the retention of the compound curcumin in turmeric which likewise has powerful well-being properties like calming and hostile to oxidants.


Detoxifies Your Body

This zest helps you sweat and pee a ton and by this, you release all poisons from your body. Perspiring and continually peeing is a decent sign that your body is working great. Likewise, you want to ponder how you  want to consume fat actually, as opposed to just consuming dark pepper. Certain individuals accept that dark pepper can be just consumed and it will assist them with getting thinner. 

Did u know ??!

Dark pepper, otherwise called the ruler of flavors has a heap of medical advantages and a significant advantage of consuming pepper is that it helps with weight reduction. It is likewise supposed to be great for processing and forestalls malignant growth by detoxifying the body. Whenever this flavor is added to the food, it makes your food taste better and spicier.

On the off chance that you are a wellness devotee hoping to shed pounds rapidly, you want to add dark pepper to your day-to-day menu. Remember to add lemon squeeze and finger millet (Ragi) as well. These food sources can assist you with getting thinner rapidly and dark pepper cleans your digestive organs and stomach. We should investigate a portion of the significant realities of dark pepper.


Treats Skin Problems


Bye Bye Acne !!!


Good for Your Hair

Shiny & Smooth Hair

U Keep grinding life while we grind the best coffee for U 


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A CNN report claims -
Drinking coffee could benefit your heart and help you live longer, research finds.

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